• Launching event

    ELENA BAVELI welcomes you to join her in the launching of her new products in Mykonos island on 10th May 2019. The presentation of her diamond wine collection, her wine paintings and her excellent LΛPO rose organic wine, will take place in Cyclades. The event will be held in the old port of Mykonos, at 17:00PM, in the Ferretti 53 – Baby yacht of “SYachting” company.  It is an honor that our collection is exhibited in Zoe’s Stefanopoulos luxury yacht fleet, the owner of “SYachting” and one of the most prestigious and experienced female captains in Greece.

    Our guests will have the chance to try on our beautiful handcrafted NIKI diamond jewellery, which are all inspired from the wine culture. Furthermore, Elena Baveli will explain how painting with wine can be a beautiful and interesting process. Long aged red wine made by her in Greece and abroad, has been used in order to create those designs. Wine Art Paintings will be on board in all “SYachting” fleet from 10th to 11th of May,  at 17:00PM until 21:00PM.

    Moreover, you will be privileged to take part in LΛPO winetasting, the greek rose organic wine by ELENA BAVELI. An exclusive and limited wine edition which encloses flavours of the greek land, as well as global winemaking secrets. Fish finger food and vegan choices, will be served.

    We are looking forward to seeing you.