Elena Baveli is a Greek businesswoman, entrepreneur, winemaker, designer, shareholder and investor. She is a world citizen, having already visited 100 countries and having lived in 4 continents. Switzerland, London, Athens, New York, California, Australia, Latin America and Cape Town.

EleƝa Baveli is the first winemaker in the world to launch such a project •Wine •Art •Diamonds. She produces the limited edition rose boutique wine LΛΡΟ. A rose with karats of gold on the bottle, organic, low yield, with flower perfumes. A beautiful art de la table. Furthermore, she designs her diamond jewellery collection inspired only from the wine culture. She also designs her paintings out of her own long-aged wine. Paintings are designed with 100% pure wine and no other colour additives. She is the winemaker, the diamond designer and the painter of the project.

She was born in Greece. A life that was sculpted with attention to detail, full of dreams and aspirations that she would keep from her childhood and when she grew would devote soul and body to them. She grew up studying music and horse-riding around her family’s vineyards. Somehow, that was how her great love for wine was born.

She knew from then on, that there would always be a religious attachment to wine, which, as a family heritage, passed from generation to generation, and finally reached her. And it did not take long to appear: When she was 18, she was awarded with that year’s first Greek Oenology scholarship.

In this way, she first studied Oenology in Athens and in Portugal. She after studied marketing in New York and wine varieties in Sydney, Australia. She used to write wine articles in several magazines during her studies.

She started amplifying her wine horizons, working in boutique wineries and wine companies all over the world. New Zealand, Patagonia, California, New York, South Africa, Buenos Aires and Mendoza-Argentina.

She loves traveling the world. From French Polynesia to India and from Gambia to Los Angeles. Her favourite place in the world is pacific islands.

She has a passion into wine, sports, projects, reflections and meditation. She is a yacht and surf lover, a diamond Connoisseuse, an art collector, and a semi marathon runner.

Success is something that connects us all, subcutaneously. Whatever you do with love and care and equip yourself with patience, perseverance and self-esteem, you will eventually do it, as long as you do not lose your strength along the way, with all the obstacles that may come before you, with all your dreams, even if you do them at the same time. Elena Baveli